Specific Terms and Conditions

Solar System Promotion

  1. The promotion is open from 7th of October 2020 and closes at midnight 8th of January 2021.

  2. The prize is one (1) “Solar System” plus installation worth approximately $6,000.

  3. The prize is made up of 1x Solax 1.5 x1 air inverter, ac isolator, dc isolator, 6x 285w Trina Honey solar panels (or equivalent) , ac cabling within 10 metres of switchboard, dc cabling up to 30 metres from roof to inverter, Solar panel tin roof mounting system, Solar rated conduit, conduit accessories, ac circuit breaker, enclosure and electrical certification, meter change (paid for by Goldpower Energy or reimbursment) and DG Unison application (paid for by Goldpower Energy). The prize does not include any ongoing maintenance of the Solar System after it has been installed by Goldpower Energy or panel rail tilt system.

  4. To enter, participants must book and pay for works with us on your residential property between 7th of October 2020 and closes at midnight 8th of January 2021. There is no minimum value but a minimum charge of $75.

  5. Prizes will be drawn on 11th of January 2021

  6. Winners will be notified by private email or phone within 7 days of the winner being drawn.

  7. Upon a winner being notified they have won the prize under this promotion the winner must elect a property suitable for installation of the Solar System. Any property the winner elects for the installation, will be assumed by Goldpower Energy not to be bound by any rules or restrictions that may prevent the installation. Goldpower Energy accepts no responsibility for installation of the prize in breach of any rules or restrictions the property is subject to.

  8. The installation of this prize is subject to Goldpower Energy inspecting the property where the winner wishes the Solar System to be installed. If in the opinion of Goldpower Energy the property is unsuitable for the Solar System’s installation for any reason, then Goldpower Energy will notify the winner in writing and request the winner elect a different property for the Solar System’s installation. The winner will then have 14 days to communicate to Goldpower Energy a different property for the Solar System to be installed in. If the winner does not select a second property, the winner will be deemed to have forfeited the prize and a new winner will be selected.

  9. The Solar System awarded is not an electrical system which works independently of the National Grid. For the Solar System to draw energy from the sun the property must be connected to the National Grid. In the event of a power outage the Solar System will not function.

  10. This is limited to the 50 km radius from the Napier city centre.

  11. Winner must own the house the solar system is installed on.

Facebook is in no way associated with this promotion.