Who are Gold Power

We are a Hawke’s Bay base company supplying and installing high quality solar solutions. With our highly trained team of installers and technicians we offer you peace of mind when you make the smart decision to >GO SOLAR!

We pride ourselves on installing solar to the highest quality. We offer a personal guarantee on all of our installations.

We aim to make your solar installation as easy as possible! Gold Power will take care of everything. This includes filling out all the technical information on the applications that the lines and power companies require. The completed installation is independently inspected to insure everything complies with the NZ Standards. Gold Power will show you how to operate the system to optimise it’s efficiency. We just make solar simple! Gold Power is constantly investigating new technology and pride ourselves on being up to date. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Find out more about Gold Power Electrical and the products we supply and recommend.

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